AEM Rates Automation

The Project

AMP, a leading financial services company, identified a need to streamline the process of updating interest rates for their Everyday Banking (EDB) and Home Loan (HL) product lines on their website. The manual process involved multiple stakeholders and had a high risk of errors and incidents.

The Ask

AMP’s project focused on integrating interest rate automation into their AEM platform. The project aimed to reduce manual efforts and improve efficiency during interest rate changes for bank and home loan products. The initiative was structured as a two-stage approach, consisting of a Proof of Concept (PoC) and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), as part of a longer-term roadmap.


The proposed solution sought to and delivered:

  • Designing a technical solution for automating interest rate changes
  • Building the technical solution within the AEM platform
  • Quality Assurance (QA) of the technical solution
  • Handover of the technical solution to AMP’s internal teams


By leveraging AEM’s capabilities, AMP successfully automated the process of updating interest rates for their EDB and HL product lines, reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency. The project not only streamlined operations but also reduced the risk of incidents occurring on the live website.

The implementation of automated interest rate management resulted in:

  • An 83% reduction in manual effort for content updates
  • A 90% reduction in lead time for rate changes to be published