AEM Assets Enterprise Edition Implementation

The Project

Cotton On Group, a leading Australian retailer, embarked on a comprehensive transformation to enhance operational efficiencies and bolster their digital presence for global scalability and local adaptability. Their aim was to streamline digital asset management throughout the organization.

The Ask

To achieve this, the group opted to consolidate and upgrade their tech landscape. The primary goal was to establish a unified repository for all digital assets, replacing outdated legacy systems with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets Enterprise Edition. This transition was set to optimize the creation, management, and distribution of assets across various channels, ensuring swift and efficient processes.

The initiative began with an extensive discovery phase to align the strategy with Cotton On Group’s specific business objectives. Based on the findings, a phased approach for implementation was devised, incorporating several key milestones to guide the transformation process.


The proposed solution sought to and delivered:

  • Transition towards a single, comprehensive source for all digital assets.
  • Decommission outdated legacy asset services in favor of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets Enterprise Edition.
  • Enhance asset creation, management, and distribution across all channels, ensuring rapid delivery.
  • Structured Discovery Workshops for all the Assets in use across all the platforms and teams, to understand current state and challenges, designed and planned for future state business cases, architects, deliverables, and resources.​
  • Enablement training throughout the process.


This collaboration with Cotton On Group and project revolutionized the way the business managed and utilized its digital assets, fostering efficiency and robust asset management practices.

  • Fully implemented AEM Assets Enterprise across Cotton On Group within four months
  • Over 250 people across various regions within Cotton On Group have been onboarded to the system, using it in day-to-day work
  • Team productivity increased significantly allowing team to focus on other different priorities​