ACC to AJO Migration

The Project

Cbus Super, a prominent Australian superannuation fund, aimed to elevate member engagement through a comprehensive marketing automation solution. That’s why they partnered with us to streamline all their marketing data across their core business and Media Super. The solution needed to unify outbound and inbound channel engagement, activate customer engagement on leads and members, through end-to-end customer life cycle journey and timely events via a unified platform.

The Ask ​

The timeline was incredibly tight, but Anchora swiftly initiated the discovery phase just before Christmas 2021. Within two weeks, a robust solution design and implementation plan were crafted and approved.

Over six months, Anchora and Cbus collaborated to migrate and enhance key BAU use cases from Adobe Campaign Classic into Adobe Journey Optimizer to centralize all marketing data into a singular CDP (Customer Data Platform) data platform and activating customer engagement across various channels such as email, SMS, and direct mail.


  • Lift, enhance, and migrate all BAU campaigns from Adobe Campaign Classic to Adobe Journey Optimizer.
  • Integrate data, content and lifecycle campaign journeys for two brands into one place.
  • Conduct comprehensive workshops to understand current state and challenges.
  • Design and plan for future state business cases, architects, deliverables, and resources.
  • Integrate with Salesforce CRM, Enterprise Data Platform, Customer Experience Data Hub, Event Management Tool and BI Tool, enabling a single customer view on members and leads, profiles, demographics, behavior/activities, communication preferences data, and etc.
  • Fully enhance and migrate lifecycle customer journeys, including onboarding, activation, retention, cart abandonment, upsell, cross-sell, and etc.
  • Provide end-to-end integration with the customer communication preference management portal, real-time customer preference data sync across Cbus data platforms.
  • Set up IP warming and best practices for email deliverability across all brands and units for improved reputation & successful inbox placement.
  • Provide extensive training and support to Cbus for confident utilization of Adobe Journey Optimizer. 


Anchora’s collaboration with Cbus Super transformed their marketing strategy, setting a new benchmark in the APAC region, leading to significant achievements such as:

  • The first successful Adobe Journey Optimizer Project Launch in the APAC region.
  • Two brands sharing the same instance for Marketing Campaign Build and Execution.
  • Achieved single customer view in CDP data foundation, with native integrations on data sources, like Salesforce CRM.
  • Fully automated and enhanced BAU campaign journeys based on audience behaviors, preferences and activities.
  • Automated Data Export and Activation, for nearly real-time reporting, analyzing and integration with the external platforms, like BI tools.