Optimizing Go to Market Time

The Project 

Western Sydney University (WSU) is a leading university in Greater Western Sydney.

This higher education institution was looking to set-up, validate and execute marketing campaigns for new offers in 2023. The platform solution needed to uplift the enrollment rate and improve the engagement rate of campaigns. 

The Ask

To help achieve their goal, we set up multi touchpoint campaign workflows in Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC). We focused on optimizing the workflows, addressing past issues, and enabling the team to independently execute campaigns using the tool. The workflows involved uploading recent data into ACC, transforming it as required, and creating target lists for the campaigns.

We also implemented Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Audience Manager to enhance the new offers campaign, and reconfigured various integrations to enable more frequent exchange of information between the products.


  • Setup of multi touchpoint campaign workflows in Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) that helped optimize the workflows, rectify past issues
  • Enabled WSU team so they can execute the campaigns on their own.​
  • Setup of various Adobe Target activities which were focused on personalizing the onsite end user experience based on the audience’s past behavior
  • Build segments in Adobe Analytics that helped target right set of visitors onsite and offline. ​
  • Optimize the Adobe Audience Manager strategy to target visitors and use them for remarketing campaigns.


As a result of our efforts, WSU successfully launched their 2023 enrollment program one month ahead of schedule. Not only that, but we also increased engagement by 14%.

This strategy allowed for better and more personalized onsite user experiences and more targeted remarketing campaign which helped achieve higher conversion rates and increased enrollments.