AEM Cloud Migration

The Project

AMP is a banking, super, retirement and advice services in Australia and New Zealand.

Like many in the financial services industry, the organization was looking to future-proof their tech stack by attempting to migrate over to the AEM SaaS platform. Before calling us in for support, this migration had been taking over two years, with 3 projects exhausting efforts after the teams faced a number of obstacles, including migration experience and an effective approach.

The Ask

AMP had an aggressive timeline of 3 months. While having to navigate organizational capabilities and encourage relevant stakeholders to drive change, we also had to build the AEM platform knowledge due to absent internal staff and development capability. This helped to address number of key senior stakeholder concerns in relation to migration capabilities.


  • Conduct thorough review and analysis of code base to establish an effective migration strategy.
  • Migrate all project code into Adobe supported structures and repos
  • Implement required environments to match existing delivery pipelines
  • Establish Adobe AEM SaaS development workflows
  • Migrate and recover existing content to SaaS production environment
  • Refactor and migrate all the existing Dispatcher configuration into supported setup
  • Identify and plan content migration for assets and pages
  • Migrate and recover existing content to Non-Production SaaS environments
  • Engage and facilitate security and networking teams to configure VPN and networking infrastructure.


This project was a success and we managed to meet their timeline. On top of that, we were able to complete the following:

  • Migrate code and content under three months
  • Refactored into 9 AEM SaaS Repos with Git Submodules, fixed 100+ issues
  • 24 Domains * 5 Env, domain and SSL managed in AMP AWS
  • Migrated using Packages, restored lost images from Publish instance
  • Re-created into supported SaaS config with validation tooling
  • VPN – 14 hosts