Life @ Anchora

Culture and Values

At Anchora, our vibrant culture and unwavering values define who we are and how we work together.

  • Fostering innovation and creativity in a dynamic environment.
  • Celebrating diversity and promoting collaboration.
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in all we do.
  • Striving for excellence and setting high standards.

Work-Life Flexibility

We believe in flexibility and personal growth, offering a dynamic work environment that adapts to your needs.

  • Hybrid Work Model – Choose between remote and office work for flexibility.
  • Well-Being Support – Prioritize work-life balance and employee well-being.
  • Professional Development – Mentorship, learning, and clear career paths for growth.

Career Development

Anchora is committed to your professional growth, providing opportunities for skill development and career advancement.

  • Learning Opportunities – Access to skill development and training programs.
  • Mentorship – Guided by experienced mentors in your field.
  • Clear Career Path – A well-defined career progression path.
  • Innovation and Excellence – Encouragement to innovate and achieve excellence in your field.

Meet Our Team

Susie Evans

Finance and Operations Manager

Phil Koolen

Director - Delivery

Zoe Renwick-Kay

Senior Account Manager

Sambhav Jain

Director - Martech

Andrew Pink

Commercial Director

Sunali Paul

AEM Principal Consultant

Epari Bipin Rao

Director - Content

Abhinav Balooni

Principal Architect

Subasree Varun

Lead Solution Specialist

Winston Lawrence

Data Expert

Girish Rathor

AEM Engineer

Narendra Kumar

Technical Account Manager

Kelvin Wee

Data Practice Solutions Specialist

Veer Sanghavi

Senior Project Manager

Alexandros Steinhaus

AEM Developer

Abhinay Chaudhary

Data Architect

Chaitanya Krishna

Marketing Automation Lead

Deepanshu Bhardwaj

FED - Emails

Rahul Gupta

Marketing Automation Specialist

Rajesh Merala

Sr. Marketing Automation Specialist

Abhishek Agarwal

Solution Architect

Adil Riaz Khan

Director of Operations